Jiashan Marginal Bearing Co., Ltd.-Service

Dear Customers,

Since Marginal Bearing was officially established, we have been supplying every customer, distributor and service provider with standardized, family-oriented, personalized, professional service. Anytime or anywhere if you need our advice, assistance or other help, please leave us your message, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Products and services we offer :

1. Comprehensive and detailed consulting services:

Advice on: including bearing prices, models, specifications, distribution, distribution network, brand accessories forgery knowledge;

2. Accepting complaint in a timely manner:

Product quality and type of complaints;

Sales, service complaints.

3.Customer care return visit :

Caring return visit after warranty service;

A return visit for the new puchase pomptly and friendly ;

Consult your comments and suggestions, products, accessories and services.

● Address: No.5,Tienan Road,Weitang Sub-district,Jiashan County,Zhejiang Province,China

● Tel :+86-573-8401-1866

● E-mail: marginal@marginalbearing.com